ACSO responds to MoJ Consultation on medical reporting for minor injury claims

Stethoscope on blue background

Commenting on the MoJ’s announcement that it is to hold a four-week consultation on the future provision of medical reports for minor RTA injuries in the post reform world, Matthew Maxwell Scott, executive director of ACSO (Association of Consumer Support Organisations), said:

“The government was right to make it compulsory for injured people to obtain a medical report when making a claim for minor RTA injuries, as this would stop the practice of insurers making pre-med offers to claimants, which greatly increased the risk of fraud. During the passage of the whiplash reforms through Parliament, ministers assured us that the insurance-industry funded portal for minor PI claims will be fit for purpose, and that includes a seamless process for managing medical reports.”

“Minsters have reiterated in the consultation document that the ‘government is committed to putting the claimant at the heart of the new process and this includes ensuring that all users can continue to obtain good quality medical reports under the new system.’ The opportunity for claimants to access their medical reports via the portal without hassle is an aim we all share.

“However, Medco has already made clear that its members need at least 12 months to prepare fully for the post-reform world, including the implementation of the portal in April 2020. The timing of the consultation - coming so late in the day - adds to our concern that the government will implement a complex system that is not ready and risks customer detriment. We urge ministers to provide more clarity to the industry about the progress of the portal. The Brexit process and Article 50 has made it abundantly clear that it is prudent to set deadlines on the back of a plan, rather than make the plan after setting an artificial deadline.”