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ACSO Secondment Programme: Jack Normington from Fletchers Solicitors comments on his experience with ACSO

Posted on Mon, 01/08/2022

Having acquired a significant amount of practical legal experience since graduating in 2016, the experience I have gained with ACSO has been something quite different. 

Often, working in a fee-earning environment, spending most of your time working with clients on specific issues, you don't think too much about the wider environment. Stepping away from this for three months has improved my understanding of the civil justice system, the organisations within it, how they operate and the relationships between them. 

I have been encouraged to get involved with a variety of working groups, each focusing on different issues within the civil justice system and striving to improve the position for consumers. 

When I have not been drafting blogs or responses to relevant consultations, I have been preparing a report into claims fraud. This has required a significant amount of research and time, enhancing not only my research and writing skills, but also my critical evaluation skills. 

My report seeks to address the increasing scale of fraud by exploring what it is, how it occurs, and an assessment of developments over recent years. My report also makes recommendations to help consumers and those who work to support them, including ACSO members. 

It has been a pleasure meeting and working with the ACSO team, who have been very supportive. Despite my short time with them, their dedication and hard work has been clear. 

Overall, I have enjoyed my time with ACSO and believe the experience will make me a more well-rounded solicitor upon qualification; so for that, I am very grateful. I wish ACSO and the team all the best for the future.