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ACSO comments on the latest release of OIC data

Posted on Thu, 12/01/2023

Commenting on the latest OIC data for the period Oct - Dec 2022, Matthew Maxwell Scott, executive director of ACSO, said: 

"The numbers show a static picture, with motor accident personal injury claims numbers and types (and indeed types of claimant) broadly as before.

Of concern is that average settlement times continue to rise, from 175 days two quarters ago to 207 days last quarter and now 227 days, with a warning that this position 'is likely to continue to rise', which gets an A for honesty if not for ambition. 

We continue to await the Court of Appeal's judgement on hybrid injuries, which should come down any day. We then need to remove any other impediment to a smoother process for consumers, which means above all claimant and defendant representatives working more closely together to remove any unnecessary friction."