• ACSO has been successful in securing the engagement of various sector organisations, committees and regulators by bringing a number of parties together to work on providing consumer focussed solutions.

  • ARAG has found ACSO membership to be a totally positive experience which has enhanced our brand and our dealings with industry stakeholders, regulators, industry and media alike.

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    Cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders and pedestrians all need a strong, shared voice to make sure we have sensible policies and a sensible approach to reduce the dangers on our roads… That’s why Cycling UK is delighted to be playing a leading role in ACSO.

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    The broad cross-sector makeup of the ACSO membership and the quality of its management team allows it to play a unique role in supporting the rights of consumers in the civil justice system. ACSO has quickly become a highly credible voice that is formally recognised by regulators, insurers and government.

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    Minster Law is proud to be a founding member of ACSO. By working together and collaborating, we think we can create a civil justice system that's affordable and sustainable for all.

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    What I have found ACSO to be best at is bringing those who were competitors together to find mutual ways of working while protecting the rights of consumers, particularly vulnerable consumers.

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    Consumers have been given a raw deal by an assumption in the UK that claims are somehow unacceptable, and it’s time we redressed the balance. Consumers need our support and in ACSO they have found a worthy advocate.